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That rumor is true. There is life beyond poker. Don't believe it? Explore our constantly updated Extras for some of the newest and coolest non-poker stuff on the Net. Know a site, game or application that should be featured on Extras? Close your eyes, breathe deeply, count to minus 2, and if you still think your pick belongs here, let us know about it!
Lomography - The colors of Chaos

A decade and a half after two Austrian students ran into the Russian 35 mm Lomo camera in Prague, and started spreading the Lomo gospel passionately, Lomography is now one of the most exciting niches in  artistic photography.

With their arty, dreamy textures, and warm, often distorted colors, Lomo photographs capture the hidden abstract and chaotic layers of reality. 

Natalie Zwillinger is a  renowned Lomographer who has won several prizes in major Lomo contests, and exhibits internationally. Her works reveal a wild, intimate, sensual point of view

 The Lomographic Society International


Wimp Your Blues Away

Human monkey... Dude pops his eye out ... Fast Coke drinker... Insane motor biking...

Feel blue? Nobody wants you 'cause you're down and out? Check out Wimp, one of the best places on the Web to find the latest funny, weird and extreme videos, which are bound to make you smile, laugh out loud, cringe, or shake your head in disbelief. 

Wimp is like a Web-based version of the well-connected buddy who forwards you the newest stuff everybody's talking about. Unlike its human competitors, Wimp doesn't push you anything you don't want to watch. Virtually blank except for the titles, Wimp enables you to skip the yuk stuff, and find the goodies that suit your personal taste.

Want more cool stuff? Check UTube!




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PartyPoker Club

Spell with flickr

Based on the Flickr API, Spell with flickr is a cool tool that takes letters and numbers of your choice and spells them out with various images from flickr. Don’t like one of the pictures? Click on it and another one will pop up. Spell with flickr also provides direct links to the original pictures on flickr. Cool thing, and, of course, a great way to teach your pet the alphabet.

The Face Transformer

From the Perception Laboratory at the University of St Andrews, Scotland comes The Face Transformer, a facial manipulation applet that is a blast to play with others. Upload your picture to this smart Java toy, and soon you'll go through radical age, gender and race metamorphosis. Just been dumped? Wipe away your tears, gal, and turn the jerk into an Ape Man. The Face Transformer can also make the faces you upload the subjects of beautiful virtual portraits "by" Botticelli, El Greco and Modigliani, or even hip Magna cartoons.

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Is Apple really going to release IPPod – a limited edition Polka Ipod?

Probably not, but if it does, MacRumors.com would be the first to know about it. MacRumors has a lively community of avid Macintosh users who look for and post the latest Mac related news and rumors. If you have a Mac-question, use MacRumors: Forums, one of the best Mac discussion-boards on the Web.


Macintosh System 1.1 (1984)

Marcin Wichary's Guidebook is an online museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing old and forgotten Graphical User Interfaces from the first WIMP (Windows- Icons-Menus-Pointer) GUI developed in the mid 70's at the Xerox PARC lab, and onward. After exploring the fascinating history of various GUIs' co-evolution and demise, you can delve into Wichary's other obsession and visit his no longer updated, 150-page site dedicated to one(!) Pet Shop Boys song.


Can a corporate giant's Flash tool be genuinely cool? Apparently, yes. Imagination3 AKA Imagination Cubed, a creative collaboration platform from GE, simply rocks.

Overheard in New York

Brooklyn chick #1: He's totally self-destructive.
Brooklyn chick #2: Yeah, I know, but so am I, just in a different way, ya know? I'm only self destructive to me, not to other people... wait, forget that I just said that.

This exchange, overheard on the New York F train, is a sample of the endless stream of weird, funny or hilariously silly real-life conversation fragments documented in Overheard in New York.

Based on submissions by sharp-eared New Yorkers, Overheard in New York offers an opportunity to learn about the human condition and laugh out loud at the same time. You may also want to check the sister site, Overheard in the Office for gems like this Louisville, Kentucky conversation snippet: Guy #1: Why did you only wash one hand? Guy #2: I only peed on one hand. Guy #1: You're an idiot.


If you have 8:43 minutes to spare and feel like spending them in another world, check out Delivery, a haunting, visually stunning animated masterpiece by Till Nowak, a young German CG artist who delivers poignant digital Expressionism.

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5 Card Draw!

The Return of the Repressed;
5 Card Draw is Back!

After so many years in the shadow of Texas Hold'em, the classic poker variant, 5 Card Draw is making a comeback! Mac users can join the trend by playing at Hollywood Poker's brand new 5 Card Draw section!


Rounders [1998]

"If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker."

Rounders [1998]

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