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The poker wave that's sweeping America and the rest of the world is reaching the Mac community. Every day more and more Mac users find that they, too, can join the exciting world of online poker. Most Mac users, however, still think online poker is off-limits for them. It is true that among the top 20 poker rooms, only BugsysClub currently offers a downloadable Mac version, but two of the top 5 sites, Pacific Poker and PokerRoom have top-notch no-download Java applets that enable us Mac users to enjoy the online poker experience to the fullest

MacPoker101 is here to carry this message and serve as a gateway for those Mac users who take their first steps in Online Poker. MacPoker101 will also be a home for experienced online poker players among Mac lovers. They will find here up-to- date information, useful tips, and valuable articles. But we dont intend to just sit back and talk bad beats and high hands. Our goal is to gradually build a large enough community of Mac and poker fans to act as a pressure group on the leading poker rooms, and make them change their unreasonable "No Mac, please" policy.

Mac users are not a meaningless, tiny fraction of the online community as most poker rooms seem to think we are.

The Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that 16% of computer users are on Macs. According to a 2002, Nielsen/ NetRatings survey, Mac users make up for more than 8% of the online population. The 2005 numbers are likely to be higher. 

According to the survey, Mac users are more educated, live in higher income households and are more Web savvy than their PC-compatible counterparts.

MacPoker101 is here to make the leading poker rooms understand that joining
Pacific Poker, PokerRoom and BugsysClub and opening their gates to Mac users is simply the right and smart thing to do. 

We dare to hope that with your help, MacPoker101, the first ever poker site for Mac users, will be that player who comes from nowhere, sit at the table and change the course of the game.



PokerRoom PokerRoom;  Top 3 Poker Room is 100% Mac Friendly  
PokerRoom is one of the 3 most popular online poker rooms in the world. PokerRoom players enjoy high traffic, top-notch software, and highly efficient customer support. They hang out in the Web's liveliest poker community, Pokah, and play in cool live events. Now here's the good part: The site's no-download Java applet enables Mac users to join the action!


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 New! 5 Card Draw!

BugsysClub; Gangsta Mac Poker!

Neat poker software, constantlsy growing traffic, and active, around-the-clock tournaments with tables named after famous gangsters. Sounds like another cool PC-centric poker room you can't play at? Not necessarily! BugsyClub, one of the top 20 poker rooms on the Net, offers something rarer than three royal flushes in a row - a fully featured downloadable Mac version!

Click here to check this fine, 100% Mac-friendly poker room.


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Hollywood Poker

Hollywood + Poker + Mac = High Concept!

Hollywood has seen better times. Poker has never known better days. The dream factory with the glorious past and the card game with the bright future meet on Hollywood Poker, a glamorous poker room with a no-download Java solution that greenlights every Mac user big time.

The game volume is impressive (6000-9000 simultaneous players), and the software utilizes the same solid platform we know from PokerRoom, but there's something else that sets Hollywood Poker apart. Hollywood Poker lives up to its name and enables players to occasionally play online poker with stars and celebrities like actor James Woods, World Poker Tour commentator Vince Van Patten (both have a stake in the venture), Mimi Rogers, and Ricki Lake. Go Ricki, go Ricki, and come back when you have enough chips...

MacPoker Pro Play it smart with MacPoker Pro

Want to play better and maximize your poker profits? MacPoker Pro is a brand new online poker tracking and analysis application for Mac Poker players, playing online on PokerRoom. Designed to help you make better decisions, MacPoker Pro is a great tool for real-time monitoring of your session. It provides you with useful and valuable information about your opponents and the tables you are playing. Click here to learn about the MacPoker Pro features and how they can help you enhance your poker experience.

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   Virtual PC 7.0


Guest PC 1.4



Want to Play at Party Poker? Get a PC Emulator!

Party Poker, the world's most popular poker room, currently doesn't offer a no download Java applet, let alone a Mac version, but Mac users can crash the party with the help of a PC emulator

PC emulator is a Mac OS X application, which enables you to install the MS Windows operating system on your Mac and run any program developed solely for Windows compatible computers. The following fine PC emulators will enable you to install Windows,  download the poker software, and play smoothly at Party Poker and other leading PC-centric poker rooms. 

Virtual PC 7.0   Guest PC 1.4 

iEmulator 1.7.6

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Hollywood Poker > Where the stars come to play!
Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker;  Highly Ranked & Mac-Friendly

Highly ranked poker room Pacific Poker has a no-download Java version, which enables Mac users to experience online poker at its best.

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5 Card Draw!

The Return of the Repressed;
5 Card Draw is Back!

After years in the shadow of Texas Hold'em, the solid, classic poker variant, 5 Card Draw is making a comeback! Mac users can join the trend by playing at Hollywood Poker's brand new 5 Card Draw section!

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