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Pacific Poker ranks #2nd among Alexa's most visited poker sites!

Below you will find everything you need to know about Pacific Poker. The information available here was checked and verified in order to give you the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of this fine, popular and Mac-friendly poker room.

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Meet the Parents: World's Largest Online Casino
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General Info 

Pacific Poker was launched in 2002. 

Traffic Ranking: Pacific Poker ranks #5 on PokerPulse's recent Top 10 list.

Pacific Poker ranks 2nd among Alexa's list of most visited poker sites.

Game Volume: 2,500-7,000 online players

Mac-Friendliness: Pacific Poker offers a no-download Java applet that enables Mac users to play for fun or for real money, and enjoy the Pacific Poker experience to the fullest.

Pacific Poker is run by the same company that owns Casino-on-Net, AKA, the world's most popular online casino. 

Available Games: Texas Hold'em is, by far, the most popular poker variant on Pacific Poker (and elsewhere) with traffic share of more than 85%. Other games: Omaha Hi, Omaha H/L,  7-stud, and 7-studH/L. 

Minimum limits for real money games are 0.05$/0.10$ to a maximum of 50$/100$. Pacific Poker offers pot-limit and no- limit games.

Meet the Parents: World's Largest Online Casino

Pacific Poker is owned by the same company that runs Casino-on-Net, AKA , undoubtedly the largest and most popular online casino. Since its launch in 1997, over 10 million registered members have experienced Casino-on-Net's online gambling action.

Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker are operated by Cassava Enterprises Ltd., a registered company incorporated and located in Gibraltar.

Casino-on-Net operates under a license granted by the Government of Gibraltar under the provisions of the Gambling Ordinance for the purposes of operating an Internet Casino. 

Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker have adopted the code of conduct of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC).

Cassava owns Random Logic, the gaming software developer of both Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker. 


PacificPoker's proprietary software by Random Logic is available in 2 versions:

1. 4 MB Downloadable client (Windows only)
2. Fully featured Java applet (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Pacific Poker & Macintosh

The late addition of the fully-featured no-download Java platform enabled Pacific Poker to open its gates to Mac users, as stated on the site: "Pacific Poker is now pleased to make our exciting Poker Room gaming software available to our Members running Mac Operating Systems."

The Java applet runs well on Mac computers, and more and more Mac users enjoy it.

Pacific Poker's minimum Macintosh system requirements: CPU:400 MHz PowerPC G4 Operation System:OS X RAM:128MB or Higher Browser:Microsoft. Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac OS X or Apple. Safari 1.0 for Mac OS X Get Safari

          Playing at Pacific Poker from a Mac computer 



Like all the other online poker rooms, Pacific Poker applies a commission charge or Rake to each Poker game's pot. 

Pacific Poker's Rake is industry standard. 

* An additional 50 cent Rake is taken for every additional dollar between consecutive pot sizes.

Pot-Limit and No-limit Rake:

Like all other top poker rooms, Pacific Poker has a "No Flop - No Drop" rake policy, in which the house rakes the pot only in games that reach the Flop (The second round of betting in Texas Hold'em and Omaha.)

Fishing in the Pacific

Pacific Poker is known to attract many beginner poker players.

The constant flow of loose and inexperienced players is attributed mainly to Pacific Poker's sister site, Casino-on-Net. Constant traffic of clueless casino gamblers with very limited knowledge of poker has made Pacific Poker a joint where you can win money relatively easily.

The main indicator of this phenomenon, is Pacific Poker's traditionally high flop percentage.  

The flop percentage represents a crucial factor - how many players among the room's players put their money and bet on the Flop - the second round of betting.

Good poker players always maintain a low flop percentage (around 20%), paying to see the flop only when they have really good cards.

Loose and inexperienced poker players who bet much more than they should are responsible for Pacific Poker's reputation as a room with soft games of extraordinarily high flop percentage (up to 80%) 

Naturally, the sky-high flop percentage has lured many solid players who flocked to Pacific Poker to fish the bad players and, surprise surprise, eventually lowered the flop percentage. Nevertheless, the flop percentage at Pacific Poker is still very high.


           High flop percentage tables at Pacific Poker

If you know your game, go fishing in Pacific Poker, but don't  forget for a second that there are many wild sharks in the ocean. 


Tournaments or tourneys are played by a group of players, all paying a fixed buy-in and fee to a pool. This pool is used to pay the winner/s. All participants receive the same number of chips and play until their last chip. The winner is the player who finishes the tourney with all the participants' chips in her/his possession. 

The Pacific Poker tournaments attract thousands of players every day. Usually, there are more players at the tournament tables than the regular (ring) tables. 

If you're new to online poker, tourneys are a wonderful way to start -  unlike ring games, the risk in tournament play is limited to the initial sign-up fee.

Pacific Poker offers several types of tourneys, mainly:

Sit & Go Tournaments 

Sit & Go Tournaments take place on a single table and have a maximum of 10 players. Game begins as soon as all players are seated and continues until the one winning player remains. Prizes are usually also awarded to the runners up.

Multi Table Tournaments

in Multi-Table Tournaments, many players spread across many tables, they have set starting times and players must register in advance in order to play. The closing time of registration for each tournament is announced in the Pacific Poker Lobby. As play progresses and players are knocked out, the remaining players are moved to different tables in order to balance them. This process continues until only one player remains.

Heads Up

Heads up games are one-on-one games played between two Pacific Poker players. In Pacific Poker's multi table heads up tournaments all the player are divided into tables of two, the winner of each table progresses to the next table.

Stack Attack

In these special Sit and Go tables the players start with $4000 in chips, and the blinds start 5 times higher as well.


For the chance to win the big prizes, Pacific Poker players can enter the bigger tournaments through qualifier satellites. This option enables players to join high stakes tournaments for just a few bucks. 

Bonus Program

A deposit bonus is an extra cash bonus a player gets the first time he/she deposits money to his/her Pacific Poker account. The standard First Deposit Bonus for all players is 25% of the player's first deposit amount, up to $100, thus , if the first deposit is $100, the welcome bonus amount would be $25.

This deposit bonus is obviously better than PokerRoom's 20%. 
The welcome Bonus will be automatically credited to the new player's  Bankroll, a minimum of 20 times the bonus, should be waged for the opportunity to cash out the bonus money.

Bonus Points

Whenever you play at Pacific Poker, your Bonus Points accumulate automatically. Each and every bet you place earns you more bonus points. These points can be converted into cash and added to your Poker Bankroll at anytime.

For every $10 you wager on 'Raked' hands you will receive 1 Bonus Point. Every 100 Bonus Points may be converted to $1.


Pacific Poker, like its operator, Casino-on-Net, is known for offering attractive special events and promotions. Most promotions are time limited, but their frequency is as high as their rewards. Most notably are the Showdown Survivor Series and the $100,000 Weekly Whopper!.

Refer Madness -  Do you have friends that don't know about Pacific Poker and should? Invite them and get $50 for making them start playing. They will get an extra bonus of $25.



Poker School - Pacific Poker's online poker school features good, multi level, flash-based tutorials, informative, well written licensed articles from Card Player (Three Big Mistakes Made by Tournament Novices, Change Your Game as Your Opponents Change), and one annoying bird. Checking this poker school is highly recommended for beginners and experienced players alike. 

Are You Talking to Me Forums - The new addition of a discussion board must have something to do with the success of PokerRoom's Pokah community and forums.

Part of the Players' Club section, Pacific Poker's forums are not as active and lively as the competitor's boards, but they are a great way to gather information, mingle, and get to know the people behind the poker tables.      


To ensure that the performance of its computerized poker dealer is 100% random, Pacific Poker uses the trusted MD5 RNG, which provides absolutely random results. The system has been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining the output. Pacific Poker provides its members with an online log of their game results. This information may be reviewed any time, by pressing the "Game History" button, and includes the amounts wagered, game results, as well as all deposit and cash- out records. 


Unlike most online gambling operators that outsource the credit card processing, Cassava, the parent company of Pacific Poker and owns Intersafe Global, which provides credit card processing services for the group's successful gambling sites. 

A transaction provider with millions of online transactions processed annually, Intersafe Global utilizes RSA public/private key encryption technology to ensure the secure transfer of sensitive data over the Net. All credit card details are stored on a secure server, which is protected by top- notch firewall system. 



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